OFS有能力为您的光纤解决方案提供各种涂层,以满足您的关键应用要求.  以下是一些可以与我们的涂料技术人员进一步讨论的选项.

What is an 光纤 Coating/Buffer?

光纤 Coating Colors光纤涂层/缓冲器在保护光纤免受预期环境影响方面起着重要作用. 涂层保护玻璃纤维在应用中免受机械和环境应力. The primary coating may be applied in a single or dual layer. 涂层是在纤维拉伸过程中和接触任何外部表面之前应用的. 为 额外的保护, a layer of buffer material may be added. 缓冲材料为光纤提供额外的机械保护,并有助于保存波导.

What is a 光纤电缆 Jacket?

An optical 电缆 structure protects 光纤s from environmental damage. Cable structure includes buffers, strength members, 和 jackets. Many factors influence the design of 光纤电缆. The 电缆 design relates to the intended application of the 电缆.

Optical Cable Coating Layer Diagram

光纤电缆 Layers

Fiber Optic Coatings:

Acrylate Fiber Coating

适于为光学玻璃纤维提供初级涂层的光固化液体涂层组合物. 标准电信光纤使用丙烯酸酯的双重涂层(较软的内涂层和较硬的外层). Specialty fibers typically use one coat.

High-Temperature Acrylate

使用高温丙烯酸酯是因为它耐蒸汽和电缆凝胶,或者当光纤将在需要额外保护的恶劣环境中使用时. 通常用于 工业传感 military/aerospace 应用程序.


Non-toxic 和 rugged, this coating is ideal for medical 应用程序. 它粘附在二氧化硅类表面“愈合”微缺陷,从而提高纤维的抗拉强度,延缓静疲劳. 用于工业应用中,硬聚合物使连接器能够直接压接到纤维上,并机械地切割纤维. More information on OFS HCS Crimp & Cleave technology can be found on this website. This fluoroacrylate may be used as a cladding or a coating material for 光纤.


Resistant to water vapor 和 a range of chemicals, 硅胶是柔软的, 和 requires buffering for protection, usually with thermoplastics like ETFE, PFA或PEEK. Silicone dampens attenuation inducing compression 和 is easily strippable.


Typically used to coat 光纤s designed for distributed temperature sensing 应用程序. Depending on the grade of Acrylate, 中温范围可达135ºC长达20年,更高温度可达200ºC, 可以支持. 使用这种涂层组合的光纤在整个温度范围内都可以防止潮湿. 它们具有耐水和化学品的性能,并且可以在恶劣环境中部署和使用.


OFS的聚酰亚胺涂层专为苛刻的温度传感和通信环境中的光纤设计.  一个瘦, 硬聚合物涂层提供机械强度高的纤维,具有优异的耐化学性, 小横截面, 和 long-term high-temperature exposure.  OFS聚酰亚胺具有优异的热稳定性和一些最高的工作温度:275°C的连续使用寿命温度长达80年, 300 °C for up to 13 years, 325°C,最高可达2.2 years, as well as short-term (24 hours) excursions as high as 450 °C.

这种涂料, applied a few angstroms thick, 显著延长纤维寿命,可与其他涂层材料配合使用. Used in 应用程序 where the 光纤 will be exposed to high stress, 和/or installed in a tight coil, 和/or there will be exposure to high humidity. 当光纤有长寿命的要求时,通常选择涂层.

Polyetheretherketone PEEK

通常用作第三层,其中其他涂层如碳和硅可能包含其他层. PEEK提供高杨氏模量的外层,具有优异的耐化学性和耐磨性, 低热膨胀, 和 is a zero-halogen material providing low smoke 和 toxicity.

Polybutylene terephthalate PBT

聚对苯二甲酸丁二酯(PBT)具有优异的短期机械性能, such as high strength, toughness 和 stiffness as well as good practical impact. PBT的高热偏转温度和高温指数额定值有助于组件承受短期热漂移和长期热暴露. It has robust chemical resistance to a wide range of chemicals. 用PBT包覆的光纤和光缆将用于航空航天, utilities 和 industrial 应用程序.


Polypropylene may be used as an alternative to 聚氯乙烯 (PVC) as a buffer for 光纤 in LSZH 电缆. It emits less smoke 和 no toxic halogens, which may lead to production of acid in high-temperature conditions.


PE具有优异的防潮和耐候性,在较宽的温度范围内具有良好的电性能. It’s also abrasion resistant. Typically used as a jacket material for 外面的工厂 fiber optic 电缆s.

LSZH (low-smoke, zero halogen) PE-PP

LSZH夹套不含卤化物质,卤化物质在燃烧过程中会转化为有毒和腐蚀性物质. LSZH is a good 电缆 jacket choice for enclosed installations.


PVC is usually low-cost, flexible, fairly rugged. It can be formulated to function in a variety of environments 和 应用程序. It is used as a 电缆 jacket material for both indoor 和 outdoor 电缆s.

Polyvinylidene Fluoride PVDF

A PVDF coating does not react with most solvents 和 chemicals. It offers excellent resistance to abrasions 和 wear, high dielectric strength, is resistant to weathering, 和 can extinguish itself in the case of a fire. They also do not produce much smoke if there is a fire.  这种涂料 is a good choice for indoor plenum 电缆s.


Properties of TPU include: high abrasion resistance, low-temperature performance, 高抗剪强度, 高弹性, transparency 和 oil 和 grease resistance. Used in industrial grade 电缆s.

Halogen free Flame retardant Polyurethane HFFR

无卤, 阻燃(HFFR)热塑性聚氨酯(TPU)组合物正在取代含卤材料, flame retardant TPU compositions in a number of 应用程序 including, 但不限于, 与个人电子设备和部署在封闭空间的电缆有关的电线电缆的绝缘和保护套. 这些HFFR TPU组合物可以提供优异的阻燃性能和机械性能,包括优异的柔韧性.

Hytrel® 山丘

热塑性聚酯弹性体(山丘)提供橡胶的柔韧性和塑料的强度. The material offers excellent flex fatigue 和 broad use temperature. 它能抵抗撕裂, flex-cut增长, 蠕变和磨损, 具有优异的韧性,可抵抗碳氢化合物和许多其他流体. 它被用于飞机应用中可靠使用的几种OFS电缆.

Ethylene tetrafluoroethylene ETFE

ETFE[聚乙烯-共四氟乙烯]具有极好的耐极端温度性能, excellent chemical resistance, good mechanical strength with excellent tensile strength 和 伸长. It has superior physical properties compared to most fluoropolymers. It also exhibits outst和ing resistance to weather 和 aging. ETFE通常用作工业数据通信应用中使用的OFS HCS®光纤的缓冲器.

Perfluoroalkoxy Teflon™ PFA

光纤电缆 用Teflon™含氟聚合物缓冲,获得卓越的耐高温性能, 化学反应, 腐蚀, 应力开裂. The material is well suited for 电缆s deployed in harsh 应用程序.


OFS团队拥有多年开发光纤涂层解决方案的经验. Serving a range of industries, 我们与所有客户紧密合作,确保涂料满足他们的特定需求, no matter how unusual or complex. To learn more about our 光纤s, check out our 综合目录, 或者今天beat365登录的专家团队,讨论您的光纤和光纤电缆的规格和需求.


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